Sikuli Slides can understand slides made by Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Presentation. You can use either editing tool to make your slides. Chances are you are already familiar with these tools. This is one of the advantages of Sikuli Slides. There is no need to learn a new programming editor or IDE! Just make slides as you did before. Just make sure you save your slides in the .pptx format.

Online Editor: Google Presentation

Open the helloworld example in the Google Presentation editor. Use the following link: helloworld.

Make a copy so you can edit.

On Slide 1, the action is to open the URL of the United Nations in the default web browser.

Change the URL to the URL of another website, for example, http://slides.sikuli.org.

On Slide 2, the action is to display a greeting message and at the same time click on the logo image as indicated in the screenshot.

Replace the screenshot image with the screenshot of another website.

Let’s suppose the new target to click is the image of the computer monitor. Adjust the location and size of the red rectangle to cover the target

Also, change the text of the greeting message.

Now, download the slides as a PowerPoint PPTX file.

Drag the file to the Sikuli Slides window. Your slides are ready to execute!